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Constant on School and System Web Sites
The School District must provide notification and information about the AMP-Asbestos Management Plan and any asbestos-related activities. Under 40 CFR § 763.93(g)(4), at least once each school year, the LEA must notify in writing parent, teacher, and employee organizations of the availability of the AMP and must include in the AMP, a description of the steps taken to notify such organizations, and a dated copy of the notification. In the absence of any such organizations for parents, teachers, or employees, the LEA must provide written notice to that relevant group of the availability of the AMP and must include in the AMP a description of the steps taken to notify such groups, and a dated copy of the notification.
Under 40 CFR § 763.93(e)(10), the AMP must include a description of the steps taken to inform workers and building occupants, or their legal guardians, about inspections, re-inspections, response actions, and post-response action activities, including periodic re-inspection and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress. Under 40 CFR § 763.84(c), the LEA must inform them about these activities at least once each school year.  The Digital Tech World has changed considerably; therefore, a constant Notification appears on the School System and Local School Web Site.
A statement should be place in Student Handbooks indicating that the Management Plan covering Asbestos Information is available in the School or Central Office-Board of Education of the School System.  Also, a notice should be place on a bulletin board or such in the Staff Work Room area of the Local School and System Site.

Chattooga County School District
AHERA “Annual Notification”
Available on School System and School Web Sites
On October 22, 1986, Congress promulgated the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Public Law 99-519. AHERA mandated that EPA develop regulations to respond to asbestos in schools.
On October 30, 1987, EPA promulgated the Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools Rule (hereinafter referred to as the AHERA Rule), 40 CFR Part 763, Subpart E.   This rule requires that all of the nation's nonprofit elementary and secondary schools, both public and private, identify and inspect their school buildings for both friable and non-friable asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) and develop a plan to properly and safely manage any discovered asbestos material for each building.  
This Document and Notice offers “Annual Notification” that the Chattooga County School System seeks to update the (AHERA) Asbestos Management Plan in a timely manner as required by the Environmental Protection Agency under Federal Law, 40 CFR 763, Subpart E, and in doing so will meet this notification requirement plus other aspects  of the AHERA Program. 
The Management Plan for each school site and buildings are available for review in the main office of each school as well as the Chattooga County Board of Education and School System Central Office.   
The Management Plan includes at least the following for each building: building diagrams, re-inspection and assessment documents, individual building room schedules, asbestos location drawings, periodic surveillance updates, maintenance plan guidelines, awareness training, testing results; plus response and removal activities.   
The Chattooga County Schools Local AHERA Designated Contact person is Mr. John Worsham, Director and Supervisor of Facilities and Maintenance.  He may be contacted for further information if needed at the Chattooga County Board of Education Central Office at the following numbers:  Office: 706-857-3447 or Mobile: 706-346-6939.
Have a fun and safe summer!!!
Congratulations to  7th grader Mia Crider! Her competition essay won first place for her grade category in the First District of the Georgia Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Mia's essay will now go on to next step of the competition.
May Students and teacher of the Month
6th Grade Top 10
8th Grade Top 10
7th grade Top 10 for the year were recognized at a reception today following their awards day program. Refreshments were served along with fellowship with parents, grandparents, teachers, and students.
Left to right-Mia Crider, Sarah Mobley, Kenzie Howard, Hannah Thrasher, Jacob Pickle, Addie Weeks, Rainie Henderson, Autumn Young, Catherine Villatoro, and Jasmine Johnson.
Congratulations to Mrs. Knapp on her 2015 Scholastic 180 Award nomination. Mrs. Knapp has helped students make remarkable gains, increase self-confidence, and make significant strides toward college and career readiness. 
United Daughters of the Confederacy Georgia Division School Essay Winners: Kezie Howard and Mia Crider
Our very own Hector showed lots of courage as he helped his neighbor as she was getting attacked by several dogs. We are proud of you Hector!!
Parents please visit the link below and take this short survey. Thanks for helping us!

April Students of the Month
Back L-R: Teacher of the Month- Laura Hayes Jr. Lopez, Rainie Henderson, Jakoby Cottrell, Felicity King Front L-R: Cordell Harris, Dylan Bailey, Jukota
Robicheaux, Rebekah Sharp, Stephanie Reynolds

Congratulations to the following students on placing at the Powerlifting meet this past Saturday.
Koby Bunner-3rd
JJ Roberts-2nd
Izzy Dammond-2nd
Cody Maynard-2nd
The student leaders participated in the "Main Street Challenge" during "Georgia Cities Week". They visited local businesses in downtown Summerville. All the businesses were very welcoming and the students had a great time.
7th grade Wednesday May 13th @10am
8th grade Thursday May 14th @9am
6th grade Friday May 15th@9am
March Students of the Month
Back L-R: Gracie Forsyth, Clayton Cordell,
Chandler Godfrey,  Kristen Ratledge, Teacher of the Month-Coach Robbie Batchelor
Front L-R: Rachae Hargrove, Catherine Villatoro, Daniel Shrader, Dylan Bryson
Plant SALE going on now. Come shop with SMS FFA!
The students in Mr. Steward's 7th grade math class, while studying proportion and scale models, were given a building project. This project involved taking a scale drawing of a “clubhouse”, determining actual dimensions, cutting to scale and assembling the building.  Students learned how to use proportions to determine correct scale. One of our math standards involves attending to precision. Students found that they had to be precise in their measurements, markings and in making their cuts. 
6th grade students develop and publish a newsletter for their grade.They work together to do it all on their own with help from their teacher Ms. Espy. Here is the latest edition.

8th Grade Poetry Cafe
Sneak peak inside the Poetry Cafe. Mrs. Campbell's 8th grade reading classes each wrote their own poems and shared them during the Poetry Cafe in the SMS Media Center.
Pi Day
The math classes at SMS celebrated National Pi (3.14...) day today(a day early). 8th graders were in groups and raced to see who could put the numbers of Pi in order the least time possible. By the way...Pi is a lot of numbers past 3.14
Check out these snaps!
February Students and Teacher of the Month
February Students and Teacher of the Month
back row L-R Zach Jonjock, Dakota Finster, Dakota West, Autumn Young, Coach Jeff Bullen
front row L-R Gracie Nixon, Alexis Hughes, Kawyer Dennis, Ashley Guinn 

February Student of the Month Assembly
Be sure to like the following pages on Facebook  to be up to date with practice schedules, game day and competition results.
Chattooga Middle School Baseball
Chattooga Middle School Tennis
Chattooga Middle Cheerleading
Chattooga Middle School Band
Summerville Middle FFA

Mrs. Hayes had the most money in her jar, so she was the lucky teacher that got to "kiss the cow."
Talent Show Pics 2015
Congratulations to Alyssa Brown!!! She is the district 6th grade Young Author winner!!!
Look at all the wacky students for wacky Wednesday!
Young Author grade level winners:
6th-Alyssa Brown
7th-Kenzie Howard
8th-Emma Stafford

Summerville Mayor Harry Harvey speaks to 6th graders in preparation for their writing "If I Were Mayor."
January Student of the Month and Top 10
8th Grade Top 10
7th Grade Top 10
6th Grade Top 10
January Students of the Month
Back L-R: Madison Mincey,  Addie Weeks, Taniya Coleman,  Landon Williams, Teacher of the Month-June Barnes
Front L-R: Dillion Nixon, Martha Castro, Austin Farris, Austin Brown

December Students of the Month
Back Row L-R Ciera Lewis, Ruandy Vasquez, Cheyenne Vine, Jacy Lembke, teacher of the month-Chasity Miller.
Front Row-Keiaira Lipps, Jared Davenport, Kinslee Bailee, and Jack Howard

Beginner band did a great job playing Christmas songs for SMS!

Great job beginner band! We love Christmas songs!
November Students of the Month
Back Row: L-R Jason Lee-Teacher of the Month, Devin Price, Annabelle Rainey, Sarah Fowler, Jacob Pickle, Austin Keen, Faith-Ann Foster, Mia Crider, Jaih Underwood
Early Release Wednesday Dec. 17th @1:00.
The Tribe Pride Club's November event was "Thankful Turkeys". Each grade level had a turkey and they placed feathers on the turkeys that told what they were thankful for. There will be a prize for the turkey with the most feathers.
Book Fair
Thanks to everyone that shopped at the book fair last week! It was a success! Thanks again!
Chattooga County Schools
 Kick off Parent Engagement Month
The month of November is celebrated as Parent Engagement Month in Georgia to recognize the contributions of parents across the state and to encourage Title I schools to raise awareness of the important role that parents and our community play in our children’s education. This year the Georgia Department of Education is kicking off parent engagement month with “I Can Play a Role” campaign for Title I schools and parents to renew their commitment to work together and improve learning opportunities for students at school and at home.  Please be looking for information coming home with students on this “I Can Play a Role” campaign.  For our community and leaders, visit the following link for more information for this very important campaign. http://tinyurl.com/nhhzpw6
For more information, please contact Chattooga County School Title I Parent Involvement Coordinators at 706-857-3046:
Tracey Reynolds
Terri Foley
Samantha Stephens

The Tribe Pride Club talked with Board Members when they visited SMS.
The mission of the Tribe Pride Club at Summerville Middle School is to help others build pride in themselves, in their school, in their community, and in their lives. The Tribe Pride Club was formed at SMS by 7th grader Billy Robinson (pictured) and several other students at SMS who had a desire to build school pride. The club challenges students to participate in school activities each month that build school pride. Also pictured are other Tribe Pride Club members L-R Kandis Brown, Luis Medina, Billy Robinson, Chloe Rosser

Great student work on display at SMS!

Students busy shopping at the SMS book fair!
October Students and teacher of the Month
October Students of the Month
Front L-R: Sarah Bowden, Kelsie Anderson, Samuel Stoker, Haley Howington
Back L-R: Courtney Burgess, Kole Cordell, Jonah Blackmon, Mario Mosqueda, Teacher of the Month-Kasey Espy

Top 10 1st 9 weeks
Halloween 2014
Red Ribbon Week Activities
Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week
Monday-google the history of Red Ribbon Week
Tuesday-Wear your red bracelet
Wednesday-Wear boots(Stomp out drugs)
Thursday-Wear sunglasses(Too Cool for Drugs)
Friday-Wear RED
2014-15 SMS Teacher of The Year
 Mrs. Betty Wagner
2014-15 Summerville Middle School Teacher of the Year
Jorja Cooper
Reserve Grand Champion in Division 1 at the Georgia National Fair Commercial Dairy Heifer Show. October 2014
September Students of the Month
September Students of the Month
Front L-R: Haley Javins, Kimmie Hughes, Tyler Mitchell, Jason Malone
Back L-R: Teacher of the Month-Tashia Knapp Jacob Starkey, Grace Johnson, Quenton Perry, Madison Hutchins.
Way to go!
Jorja Cooper won 1st place in Showmanship and 3rd place in weight class at the Coweta County Dairy Show.
The 25 Book Campaign has kicked off. We have lots of incentives for each month's reading goals. Remember to fill out your book log each time you read a book.
Monthly Reading Goals
· by September 30th                   
       5 Books Read
       McDonald’s coupon
·    October 1-31
         7 Books Read
         bag of snacks
·    November 1-30
      9 Books Read 
       Taco Bell coupon
·     December 1– January 31
      15 Books Read

·      February 1-28                      
18 Books Read
         Free time last period
·      March 1– April 30
         23 Books Read  
        Ice Cream Sundaes
·       May 1-15
        25 Books Read     



Congrats to the CMS Competition Cheerleaders for winning 4th place at the Woodland Cheer Classic.
August Students of the Month
August Students of the Month
Front L-R: Cameron Drawdy, Jessie King, Colin Drawdy, Jorja Cooper
Back L-R: Mario Mosqueda, Wyatt Stafford, Alexandra Payes, Sarah Mobley
Teacher of the Month-Chase Callaway


Ms. Osborne's 8th grade Social Studies classes doing a hands on lesson.
Flag Dedication
It is with great pleasure that the William Marsh Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution announces their presentation of a new United States of America Flag to Summerville Middle School on Thursday, August 28, 2014 in anticipation of Constitution Week which begins September 17th with Citizenship Day. 
Assistant Principal Jeanne Starr advised a local NSDAR member that a new flag was needed, and the William Marsh Chapter rose to the occasion. The organization National Association Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) is a lineage based  membership service organization for ladies who have proven ancestors who were involved in the United States’ fight for independence from Great Britain.  It was on July 4th, 1776, now known as Independence Day, that the American colonies declared their independence.  A non-profit organization begun in 1890, the NSDAR works tirelessly across the United States to promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism.
In attendance at the SMS Flag Presentation Ceremony was Regent Joan Trundle, Vice Regent and Constitution Week Chairman Ellen Svenson, Secretary Alicyne Roth, Treasurer Sally Stanfield, Historian Reba Welch and her husband, Dave, who reside in Menlo along with member Elaine Miller and her husband Emmett who also reside in Menlo, and Kaye Thurman, a 26 year NSDAR member from LaFayette, GA.
Local Boy Scout Logan Brown along with fellow SMS students Luis Gonzales and Shawn Raines assisted in the presentation process.  Ms. Debra Osborne, eighth grade social studies teacher and her students as well as students from Mrs. Welch’s class are shown exhibiting their appreciation of the new flag as well as Principal Kevin Muskett and Assistant Principal Jeanne Starr.
The following are the dates that 4H will meet at SMS.
Oct. 21
Nov. 4
Jan. 6
Feb. 3
Mar. 3
April 7
Student Leader Speeches
6th, 7th, and 8th grade students interested in becoming a Student Leader ran a mini campaign and presented their speeches in front of their respective grade hoping to win their votes!
Be sure to LIKE Summerville Middle School's Facebook page. You will find important information and upcoming events on this page.
GRANS Who Care will meet in the SMS media center one Wednesday a month.
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